The day of the workshops

One day, four rooms, four workshops to bring together under one roof the operators of the extra-hotel sector and short-term rentals.

You’ll find a select audience of hosts, property managers and investors eager to expand their skills in the short-term rental industry.

Each workshop will see the participation of the most renowned experts, both nationally and internationally, and will offer an in-depth analysis on crucial issues such as mergers & acquisitions, advanced marketing strategies, technological innovations, operations optimization, maximising profitability and much more!

Do not miss the second day of Scale Italia: we are waiting for you in Florence, at Palazzo degli Affari on October 30th.

Firenze · 30 October 2024

Palazzo Degli Affari


Open is the workshop dedicated to property managers with less than 20 units

Open is the workshop dedicated to property managers with less than 20 units
Dedicated to operators in the extra-hotel sector and property managers with less than 20 housing units, to those who are in the early stages of the growth process and for all those who want to start a business in the hospitality sector.

On the stage of Open will rise national and international experts, established property managers who will share information, tools and success stories.


Book Direct Show is dedicated to professionals who want to increase direct bookings

Suitable for all those operators who want to know how to increase direct bookings and reduce dependence on OTAs.

At the Book Direct Show there will be inbound marketing experts, trainers and other property managers who will share success stories, techniques and means to stand out from the competition and increase profits thanks to direct bookings.


Exit Door is ideal for those who want to properly prepare for the Exit Strategy

Reserved for property managers or investors interested in selling or acquiring and who want to understand how to value their business and increase its value before the sale.

At Exit Door the great experts who have conducted and lead M&A operations will share everything you need to know to realistically evaluate a company and prepare for the Exit Strategy.

Investment Forum is aimed at property managers and investors interested in expanding their business in the Italian market

Investment Forum si rivolge a property managers ed investitori interessati ad ampliare la loro attività nel mercato italiano.

Do you want to expand your business in the Italian market?

Investment Forum is the workshop where you will meet property managers who will share tips and techniques of expansion, where you can get to know and compare with the best experts on investment in the short-term rental sector and discover the real operating costs.


What You Need to Know to Participate

Where will Scale Italia 2024 take place?

In 2024, Scale Italia will be held in Florence at the Palazzo Degli Affari, located in Piazza Adua 1, right next to the S. Maria Novella Station (LINK GOOGLE MAPS)

Who is Scale Italia dedicated to?

Scale Italia is dedicated to Property Managers and all those involved in the short-term rental sector.

How can I buy a ticket?

Click any “sign up now” button and you will be redirected to the ticket purchase page.

How much does it cost to participate?

Early Bird €99 + VAT (only for the first 50)
Registrations from 01/03 to 31/06/2024

Full Ticket €149 + VAT
Registrations from 01/07 to 28/10/2024.

What does the ticket include?

Tickets give full access to the conference content during the 2 days, 29 and 30 October 2024.

I have a discount code, what should I do?

If you have an access code for Scale Italia, visit and enter the code in the field that appears by clicking on “Do you have an access code?”

Are there discounted tickets?

Yes, there are discounted tickets. They are a special type of ticket reserved for customers of Scale Italia partners and sponsors, including exhibitors and associations that participate.

To access this type of ticket you need an Access Code, you need to contact the exhibiting companies and/or associations that participate in the event.

Visit the Scale Italia home page and if among the partners and sponsors there are some of your providers, contact them to receive an Access Code.

Will the sessions be recorded?

No, the content will not be recorded. It is available exclusively to those who attend the conference.

I am not a Property Manager. Can I participate?

Scale Italia offers content dedicated to short-term rental professionals, if you work in the sector, you are welcome!