Scale Italia + Scale Open

Partners Instructions

On this page, you will find all the information you may need to prepare for your attendance at the Scale Italia and Scale Open. Please refer to the documents and FAQs below regarding the venue, the exhibitor area, set up, take down and team passes.

If you have any doubts or questions, please reach out to us at


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What you need to know

Is there any difference between Scale Italia and Scale Open?

Scale Italia and Scale Open are designed for two different kinds of attendees, Scale Italia (23-24 November) it’s targeted to professional STR operators (20+ properties portfolio), as in our standard version of Scale Show, while Scale Open is an open-format conference, where all operators regardless the number of units, can join.

For you, there are no additional relevant differences, apart from the duration of the conference, which is now 3 days (23-25 November).

Where is the venue?

Scale Italia will take place in Milan at the Talent Garden Calabiana. Here is the Google maps link

When is the set up?

Each sponsor booth area must be set up on the day of the conference, Thursday May 23rd, between 7.30AM and 9AM. Attendee registration process will start at 9AM sharp.

When is the take down?

Sponsor booth areas will be available for the full 5 days of the conference (November 23 – 25). The booth must be taken down and cleared on the second day (Saturday, November 25th) no later than 8PM.

Where can we find info regarding the booth area?

All the info regarding the booth area, exhibitor slot size, backdrop, and banner policies, is available in the Booth Setup Document linked here above.

Can we get additional team passes?

Partners may purchase one additional team ticket (99€). Additional passes are strictly subject to availability.

Please contact the team at for any additional information.

Is it possible to ship conference materials to the venue prior the show?

Is possible to send your materials directly to the venue.


The venue can receive your material, up to a week prior to the conference at no cost.
You have to send it to Scale Italia / Chedo, Via Archivescovo Calabiana 6, 20139 Milano (Italia).

Please make sure to send your materials on time, not too early and not too late. If you want to ship your materials, the Venue will be able to receive your materials not earlier than November 15.

At the same time, Scale Italia organization is not responsible if your materials are lost or are not delivered on time for the conference.


At the end of the conference, the venue cannot store your materials, so make sure to organize a pick on the very last day of the conference from 4 PM (25 November) or to bring them with you.

All materials left are going to be trashed, so make sure your team is aware.

Where do we collect our team passes?

You don’t need to print or ask for your team passes in advance!

Team passes are ready for you on the day of the conference, at your booth. 

If one or more members of your team are participating as speakers, their badges will also be provided the same way.

If there is any last-minute change in the number or the name of the team members joining Scale Italia, please make sure to let us know as soon as possible, as it is totally forbidden to access the conference area without a valid badge.

Where can we find promo materaials?

You can find promo materials in this folder.