Growing your inventory? Mission Impossible or Work in Progress?

Richard Vaughton

Richard Vaughton

Rentivo & Yes Consulting

Richard is a veteran of the urban and destination vacation rental industry, an advisor and trustee to a select number of private and public businesses focusing on expansion, sales, and efficiencies.

Richard is also the co-founder of Rentivo, a technology supplier for data-driven marketplaces for vacation rental partners, an ex-owner of a UK management company, and co-owner of a European agency, cumulatively approaching 1000 properties.

With extensive hands-on experience across the tech, distribution, management, leasing, and servicing arms of short-term rentals he is well placed to assist growth businesses that are keen to plan for the future.

Richard has lived and worked in the UK, the Middle East, Italy, and Switzerland is an Ex VP of a US master lease business, has successfully crowdfunded and exited 4 companies, and assisted a handful more with their sale. He was the CEO of biotech, service, and diagnostic supply company with EMEA responsibilities in his former life.

Thursday, 26th May
09.30 – 10.00

How many managers there are there worldwide depends on your definition of manager (Hostfully’s excellent 2021 report estimates 140,000) but with new small ones sprouting up daily and supermanagers investing heavily it’s even more challenging. Each business needs replacement or new inventory and the space is crowded. Where do you sit, Struggling, Succeeding, or Selling?

The billion-dollar question (we don’t do millions anymore in VR) is how to accrue that valuable incremental business. Is there a magic bullet? Do owners actually need you? Do you need investment? Is it automation and repetition? Is it the people, the personalities, the training, the psychology or is there a secret sauce? We think there is a solution, but like all good sauces, it has a recipe and ingredients. Are you like many, trying to figure this out? You aren’t alone, far from it!

Join us for 25 minutes of property acquisition, successes, and failures.