The PREMIUM event for Italian property managers

Scale Italia is a conference part of the Scale Family circuit, exclusively dedicated to professional property managers with a portfolio of at least 20 units, seeking information and resources to scale their business sustainably.

The Italian edition of Scale is designed to offer valuable content for all professionals looking for information and tools to scale their business sustainably in Italy, with a focus not only on technology and the latest advancements in the extra-hospitality sector, but also on legal, fiscal, and administrative aspects, with the best experts available in the Italian market.

Join an exclusive 2-day meeting, rich in top-level content, where you can meet all the key players in the Italian extra-hospitality sector and the leading experts in the field.

Keyword: Successfully scaling your business.

Florence · October 29, 2024

Palazzo Degli Affari


Who should attend Scale Italia?

Property Managers

Scale Rentals Italia is exclusively dedicated to short-term rental professionals with a portfolio of at least 20 units.

Scaling Objective

The conference is formulated to provide information aimed at business growth and networking opportunities with top entrepreneurs and industry experts.


Who should attend Scale Italia?

Audience-selected content

The conference themes are chosen by the audience registering for the conference

The best experts

Informative content provided by top entrepreneurs in the Italian market and experts from across Europe

The best networking in Italy

An unmissable opportunity to meet all the main players in the Italian extra-hospitality sector, in 2 days filled with top-level content

No sales pitch

All sessions at Scale Italia are educational. There are no spaces for commercial pitches or sessions with low value

Only Professional PM

At Scale Italia, you will find exclusively professional Property Managers who manage at least 20 properties! Zero non-professionals!

Objective Scaling

Everything you'll see and hear will have one common denominator: SCALING. Scale Italia brings you the best content to help you scale sustainably


The meetup of professionals
in the Extra Hospitality sector

A Conference like no other

An exclusive 2-day meetup reserved solely for professional operators in the extra-hospitality sector with a portfolio of at least 20 properties.


What you need to know to participate

Where will Scale Italia 2024 take place

In 2024, Scale Italia, as well as Scale Open, will take place in Florence at the Palazzo Degli Affari, located in Piazza Adua 1, right next to the Santa Maria Novella Station. (LINK GOOGLE MAPS)

Who is Scale Italia dedicated to?

Scale Italia is exclusively dedicated to professional Property Managers with a (demonstrable) portfolio of at least 20 units.

Those who do not meet this minimum requirement can instead participate in Scale Open, on Saturday, November 25th.

More info on Scale Open here.

How can I purchase a ticket?

To participate in Scale Italia, simply purchase a ticket using the form on this page.

Our team will review all registrations received, and if the minimum requirements to participate are not met, being a professional property manager with a portfolio of at least 20 units, we will automatically change the purchased ticket to a corresponding one for Scale Open.

How much does it cost to participate?

Regardless of whether you are a Property Manager with 20 – 50 units or a Property Manager with more than 50 units, the rates for 2023 are as follows:

Autumn Early Bird €99 + VAT
Registrations from 21/09 to 31/10/2023

Full Ticket €149 + VAT
Registrations from 01/11- 22/11/2023.

Discounted packages for multiple registrations from 2 – 3 people are also available.

For any doubts regarding the types of available tickets and access codes for discounted tickets, you can consult this document.

How many people per company can participate?

Each company can bring a maximum of four (4) participants. Tickets registered beyond this maximum limit will be automatically canceled.

How many tickets are available?

When the conference is “Sold Out”, a waiting list will be activated for those who wish to participate.

For any doubts regarding the types of available tickets and access codes for discounted tickets, you can consult this document.

What does the ticket include?

All tickets grant full access to all conference content during the 2 days, November 23rd and 24th, 2023.

It is possible to purchase separate access to Scale Open at a reduced price of €39 + VAT.

It is also possible to purchase the lunch pack to be used during the 2 days of the conference at a price of €15 per person.

I have a discount code, what should I do?

If you have an access code for Scale Italia, visit the page and enter the code in the field that will appear by clicking on “Do you have an access code?”

For any doubts regarding the types of available tickets and access codes for discounted tickets, you can consult this document.

Do discounted tickets exist?

Yes, there are discounted tickets. They are a special type of ticket reserved for clients of Scale Italia’s partners and sponsors, including exhibitors and participating associations.

To access this type of ticket, you need an Access Code, which you can obtain from the exhibiting companies and/or associations participating in the event.

Visit the Scale Italia homepage and if any of your providers are among the partners and sponsors, contact them to receive an Access Code.

Will the sessions be recorded?

No, the content will not be recorded. It is available exclusively to those who participate in the conference.

I'm not a Property Manager. Can I participate?

Scale Italia is a conference exclusively dedicated to industry professionals, with a portfolio of at least 20 properties.

All those representing technology companies or other types of enterprises whose participation has a clear commercial purpose cannot purchase a ticket dedicated to the general public.

These companies will necessarily have to purchase a Pro Pass.


We look forward to seeing you at Scale Open