The OPEN event for professionals in the extra-hospitality sector

Welcome to Scale Open, the meeting point for all operators in the Italian extra-hospitality sector.

Following the success of the first Italian edition of the OPEN version of Scale Italia, in 2024 Scale Open will offer even more content aimed not only at the audience of hosts who are approaching the short-term rental sector.

The 2024 edition will indeed feature PREMIUM content designed for an audience with some experience, and LIGHT content intended for those who want to approach the world of tourist rentals and gather useful information to start off on the right foot.

Florence · October 30, 2024

Palazzo Degli Affari


Why should you attend Scale OPEN?

The industry under one roof

A day to meet all industry professionals, from trade associations to the most representative PMs

Keyword: GROWTH

Everything you will see and hear will have one common denominator: GROWTH. Scale OPEN brings you the best content to grow your business

5-star content

An unmissable opportunity to hear from the industry's top experts and trainers, all in a single event, for one day

Connections for growth

At Scale Open, you will find the best technology providers and have the opportunity to meet new partners to grow your business

Accessible price

Scale OPEN offers an incredibly accessible price to give everyone the opportunity to participate in Italy's largest extra-hospitality meetup

Together for the extra-hospitality industry

An unmissable opportunity to create cohesion among all industry operators, to show a united and strong industry to public authorities


Content to stimulate your business

Legal context

You will discover everything there is to know to establish and grow your business while complying with the requirements of current regulations

Tax legislation

You will learn the rules and best practices to establish a profitable business and safeguard against penalties

Success stories

You will listen to dozens of success stories, and not only that, from first-hand accounts of managers and entrepreneurs like you


You will learn best practices directly from the experience of industry leaders and hospitality experts

Profitability and Revenue

You will discover that Revenue and Profit are the keys to the success of your business, directly from the brightest minds in the industry

Tourism marketing

You will learn the main techniques of digital tourism marketing to promote your business and generate more direct bookings


Networking at another level

Principali Players ed Esperti

Un giornata per incontrare tutti i principali players ed i massimi esperti del settore degli affitti brevi in Italia

Trade Associations

Unmissable opportunity to meet and exchange information with some of the most relevant Associations in the short-term rental sector

Technology providers

Opportunity to personally learn about all the latest technological innovations and services for the extra-hospitality industry


The meeting point
of the Italian Extra Hospitality

The largest meetup in Italy

An exclusive meetup OPEN to all operators in the extra-hospitality sector, without any restrictions


At Scale OPEN, you won't find gurus or snake oil salesmen, only EXPERTS, PROFESSIONALS, and ENTHUSIASTS of Vacation Rental


What you need to know to participate

Where will Scale Open take place?

In 2024, Scale Open, like Scale Italia, will take place in Florence at the Palazzo Degli Affari, located in Piazza Adua 1, right next to the Santa Maria Novella Station (LINK GOOGLE MAPS)

Who is Scale Open dedicated to?

Scale OPEN is a conference open to all types of audiences, from professional property managers to those seeking information to start an entrepreneurial activity in the short-term rental sector.

In this conference, you can find insights to start a new business, access first-hand experiences of established managers, and meet the best technology providers serving the extra-hospitality sector.

If you are a professional in the extra-hospitality sector, you shouldn’t miss it!

How can I purchase a ticket?

To participate in Scale OPEN, simply purchase a ticket using the form provided on this page.

How much does it cost to participate?

The rates for participating in Scale OPEN are as follows:

Early Bird €19 + VAT
Registrations from 1/03 to 31/05/2024

Full Ticket €49 + VAT
Registrations from 01/06 to 28/10/2024

Packages are available for 2 and 3 people at a discounted price.

How many tickets are available?

There are 200 tickets available. When the conference goes “Sold Out”, a waiting list will be activated for those who want to participate.

What does the ticket include?

The ticket gives access exclusively to Scale Open contents.

What should I do if I have an access code?

If you have an access code for Scale Open, visit the page and enter the code in the field that appears by clicking on “Do you have an access code?”

Are there discounted tickets available?

Yes, there are discounted tickets available. They are a special type of ticket reserved for customers of Scale Italia’s partners and sponsors, including exhibitors and participating associations.

To access this type of ticket, you need to have an Access Code, which you can obtain by contacting the exhibiting companies and/or participating associations.

Visit the homepage of Scale Italia and if among the partners and sponsors there are some of your providers, contact them to receive an Access Code.

Will the sessions be recorded?

No, the content will not be recorded. It is exclusively available to those who attend the conference.

I'm not a Property Manager. Can I participate?

As in the classic format of Scale Italia, Scale Open is also exclusively dedicated to professionals in the short-term rental sector and individuals interested in entering this field.

We consider professionals all those directly involved in the management of tourist accommodations, as well as those who are part of the property management chain, including revenue managers, reservation staff, cleaning and laundry staff, and maintenance personnel.

Individuals representing technology companies or other types of businesses with a clear commercial purpose cannot purchase a ticket designated for the general public.

These companies must necessarily purchase a Pro Pass.